Our Team

Our company would be nothing without the people who make up our dedicated team. The people you meet when you come to a Celebro studio are all professional broadcasters with collectively years of technical, editorial and channel-development experience. We are also proud of our training and development programme that helps to create broadcast engineers, directors and operators of the future. We rarely use freelancers and many of our staff have been with us since day one. Our team have come to Celebro from all over the world so between us we speak a fair few languages including; Arabic, Turkish, French, Spanish, Serbian, Polish, Russian, Latvian, Ukrainian and Welsh.

Wesley Dodd

Chief Executive

With almost 30 years of industry experience – Wesley has always had a passion for live TV – starting in the industry as a child performer on Welsh language TV!

He has worked as a director, output editor, presenter, and systems integrator – with a deep technical understanding of what it takes to bring a channel together. Wesley ensures technical, operational and professional excellence across our company and runs our global operations.

Wesley is a DuoLingo addict with a passion for learning new languages.


Alex Kerns

Managing Director - Global

Alex is responsible for our global estate of 30,000 square feet as well as suppliers and vendors. He handles finance and administration.  He’s been with Celebro since the company started.


Lidiya Kuziv

Chief Financial Officer - Global

Lidiya is our group Chief Financial Officer and runs finances across our portfolio in the UK and the USA. Lidiya is a cross border tax expert and affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. Lidiya also oversees our outsourced financial operations.



Valery Eremenko

Head of Post Production - Global

Val joined Celebro from the BBC World Service where he worked on TV projects in 15 languages. Val specialises in virtual work using green screen or augmented reality but he will also be your point of contact for all post-production work on your project. He is also somewhat of a digital nomad as he works from our London and D.C. studios.


Talip Alpugan

Lead Director

Talip is our talented and experienced in-house Lead director. He looks after the gallery and crew on a day-to-day basis.

Talip is always the voice of calm -even in the most high pressure situations. He has worked on major news broadcasting channels and has been the launch director on international channels such as TRT World and Al Jazeera Turk. Talip insures that all our live and pre-recorded shows are captured in the highest possible quality, he will also offer our clients creative solutions and ideas to optimise your video content.


Iwona Cichanska

Front of House - London

Inka has been the Front of House/Office Manager in London since we started. With vast experience in high end customer service for Deutsche Bank, Selfridges and Harrods, Inka looks after client needs with five star service in mind. Inka also runs our ’employee of the month’ scheme – which she has coincidentally won every month since 2014!


Maxine Hughes

Executive Producer - Global

Maxine is usually the busiest person in the office – sometimes on two phone calls at a time! That’s because she is running and managing all of our content, from podcasts to vodcasts to documentaries to daily news. Maxine has previously worked for the BBC and TRT World. She also appears a lot on camera as a presenter and reporter for our Welsh language output.



Ugo Ruiz

Live Operations Director - Global

Ugo ensures our live TV and streaming output runs perfectly – taking care of everything needed to get our contributors and guests on-air. A hugely experienced gallery and audio systems specialist – Ugo works across our sites in the UK and USA. Ugo started his career at Celebro before joining Sky – returning home in 2022.

Ugo is also a talented and successful music producer – with his own vinyl label.


Simon Lobov

Robotics Chief - London

Our army of robots all around the globe are under the strict control of Simon. They have not yet risen up to overthrow his tyrannous regime – but the time will come… Simon also heads up our very human team of robotic camera operators.


Tristan Temple

Production Manager - London

Tristan looks after our sales in London – assisting clients with bookings and making sure all of our shoots run according to plan. Tristan adds a certain glamour to our operation – in a former life he was a West End dancer and has even appeared in Hollywood movies!


James Collins

Lighting Director - London

“Let there be light”! James is our master of lighting. On any given day you will find him up a ladder building a custom look for our clients. James also ensures our cameras are graded and shaded to give you the look you want. It is a big job – often meaning we have to reset studios more than once a day.

James is a fellow of the Society of Television Lighting and Design.



Angelina McCahey

Production Coordinator & Content Producer - D.C.

Angelina works with our clients to produce news and documentary content as well as booking guests for some of our many shows. Angelina is also a stand-up comedian – one of our many ‘funny’ people.
She plays a mean guitar (air and real) and is the official office social organizer.


Maysam Sarfean

Director of Broadcast Engineering - USA

Maysam’s background was working as a satellite engineer for AP. Today he is in charge of our broadcast engineering in the USA. From building our MCR to solving complex engineering challenges, Maysam is the person we rely on to make sure all of our client’s output leaves the building in the best possible quality. Maysam is a man who can solve any problem – and has super-human powers of endurance.


Theo Stewart

Multi-Skilled Operator - London

Theo is our ‘swiss-army knife’. Covering many bases like an all-star baseball player, he operates our robotic cameras, teleprompter, floor-managing and also lighting. With a background in film & TV, Theo will ensure the look and feel of your show exceeds your expectations.

Olga Kerns

Management Assistant- Global

Olga works in our management office assisting us with day-to-day operations across our group of companies. We are a small team but we often look to Olga to help keep us organised and on track.


Valentyn Donchenko

IT Supervisor - London

Valentyn has the unenviable job of looking after all of Celebro’s IT needs across all our sites in UK and USA. Celebro’s systems use the latest NDI and Dante technology which means our networks need to be fast and super secure. Valentyn does a great job of keeping our systems purring like a kitten.


Bart Sienkiewicz PSC

Director of Photography - Special Projects

Bart’s main work is as an award winning Director of Photography who has worked on hit movies and TV shows. He brings his huge experience of large scale movies and TV to give your show style and flair. Bart is a fellow of the prestigious Polish Society of Cinematographers, a BAFTA member and
was recently inducted into the Society of Television Lighting and Design.


Chingiz Ismailov

MCR Chief- London

Chingiz is a culture vulture – he studied English Literature, but his more technical interests led him into MCR operations. He’ll look after all your remote sources like Zoom or Skype – and make sure everybody can see and hear each other! That’s not to mention his talent for making sure all the right cables are plugged into all the right places and, most importantly, his almost supernatural gift of recalling cultural trivia.


Mouser-in-Chief (former Head of Mousekeeping) - London

Sultan is also our Chief Calming Officer. He ‘works’ from home most days – but is always around for big occasions that involve snacks. Sultan speaks English, Welsh, Ukrainian and Turkish and is also a well respected ‘mouse whisperer’.  


Head of Puplick Relations (TCO) - London

Luna started in Celebro as a Junior Pawject Manager but has clawed her way up to TCO (Total Cuteness Overload). She can be found on reception (or usually under it). Luna is our calmest staff member – and the best antidote to a stressful shoot. Luna often ‘works’ from home – but is on hand when staff need a little extra support.