Corporate Clients

We are just as happy working on the small screen as the big screen. Celebro makes hundreds of hours of content every week for international broadcasters including the BBC, MTV, and Discovery Channel. We also work directly with you to help develop ideas to reach your audience directly via social media or mobile phone – we are specialists in Facebook Live and are always looking for new ways to make live video work for you.  Whether you are an established TV producer or just looking to get an idea off the ground – get in touch and see how Celebro can power your content.

Corporate Clients


Live streaming is increasingly being used to bring corporate messages to consumers, industry partners, and internal stakeholders. Celebro is working in regular collaboration with Starstruck Media to deliver live streams to its corporate customers on location. In November 2019 we worked with them to live stream The Great Energy Debate for Shell from two locations. The same year we live streamed multiple events for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Quick Turnaround


Two clients came to us with very little advance notice .. and Celebro more than delivered what they needed. Celebro was approached by Fame Media Tech to shoot a series of programmes and live music over two days. Using our Studio B, the production team adapted our existing set to deliver the look and feel for the show both in time and on budget.

Celebro is also delivering a regular green screen production, live streamed on Youtube, for Taylor Bennett on behalf of Adobe. Our first show for the client came to us with 90 minutes notice.

Outside Broadcasts


Celebro won the tender to live stream the 2018 World Chess Championships from central London – a news event that caught the attention of chess lovers around the world. We built a 16-camera studio on location that captured the daily play, audience reaction, and expert analysis for two weeks, and streamed live, globally.

Global Events


Celebro was chosen as the London leg of the live streamed marathon, Global Marketing Day 2019. Together with studios in Sydney, Moscow, and New York, we worked with the production company to provide seamless broadcasting and interactivity for a 24 hour stream in October 2019.