2000 sq.ft IP-based studio available for the first time since 2016

Celebro’s biggest studio in London is now available for new clients. The 2,000 square foot facility, Studio B, is back on the market for the first time since its construction in 2016. Based in the heart of London, clients can take advantage of a flexible and large studio space with multiple sets, including a large green screen and discussion table, and scope for audiences. Combined with the extensive connectivity Celebro offers its clients, this makes it ideal for any production requirement.For the last three years, the studio has been under exclusive contract to Turkish broadcaster, TRT World. Celebro launched the London programming of TRT World in summer 2016 and is very proud of the part it has played in the channel’s growth as it moves to its own purpose-built facility in London, the culmination of a two-year planning process. Together they have produced thousands of hours of news content as well as the channel’s flagship programmes, Roundtable and Nexus.Celebro boasts fully robotic live television studios in 4K and HD, unrivalled distribution networks, and outside broadcasting (OB) facilities, in the UK, US, Russia and beyond. It provides clients with high-quality flexible services that allow content and messages to reach the broadest possible audience, whether through television or digital platforms. Our highly experienced team also provides consultancy on IPTV, DTL, programme playout facilities, media training, broadcast strategy, commercialisation, technical services, and access to transmission networks. Major clients include TRT World, Freemantle, Spelthorne, BBC World Service, MTV, Discovery Channel, TRT World, Russian IPTV channel TV Dozhd and Voice of Russia. Celebro Media has also produced branded content for Coca-Cola, M&S and Reebok.