About Us

The staff at Celebro are dedicated professional broadcasters. Collectively they have years of technical, editorial and channel-development experience.

Wesley Dodd


With 25 years of industry experience – Wesley has always had a passion for live TV. He has worked as a director, output editor, presenter, and systems integrator – with a deep technical understanding of what it takes to bring a channel together. Wesley will ensure technical, operational and professional excellence across the project.


Andrew Lebentz

Head of Production

From the BBC to Al Jazeera, Andrew has many years of editorial and channel strategy experience. He was the lead launch editor for TRT World – from where he joined Celebro. Andrew acts as a conduit between editorial, production teams and technical operations. He also heads up Celebro Live.


Neil Stainsby

Creative Lead

Neil’s career in broadcast television spans nearly 30 years – from Grandstand to the BBC News Channel and BBC World. As a former Lead Director at BBC News he has worked on many national and international programme launches as well as implementing global re-branding projects for the BBC.


Hector Sole

Head of Visuals

With years of experience as a Lighting Cameramen and Steadicam Operator, Hector has worked with global clients including AP, Discovery Channel, Bein Sports, RTL, RT, TV3NZ. With a combination of technical expertise and creativity, Hector will make sure your project is visually what you are looking for.


Alex Kerns

Managing Director

Alex handles all aspects of finance and administration for the company dealing with clients and suppliers across Europe and the CIS. Alex is responsible for Celebro’s staff in London and Moscow.


Ryan Deans

Lead Director

Ryan looks after all our on-air output across the studios in both London and Moscow. On a day-to-basis he directs our shows for major broadcast clients as well as running gallery teams during live transmissions.


Iwona Chichanska

Front of House

Inka has been the Front of House/Office Manager since 2015. With vast experience in high end customer service for Deutsche Bank, Selfridges and Harrods, Inka looks after client needs with five star service in mind.


Simon Ray

Lead Robotics Camera Department

The army of our robots all around the globe are under strict control of Simon since 2014. They have not yet risen up to overthrow his tyrannous regime – but the time will come…


Tomek Kowalski

Facilities Department

Tomek has been with Celebro since March 2017. He previously worked as a prop manager for a mainstream TV channel in Poland. He’s also gained experience in a film camera rental house in Central London. He is currently the manager of the facilities department, where he oversees the day-to-day servicing and housekeeping operations across our studios.


Tarek Ahmed


Tarek has many years of experience in broadcast and publishing, he has worked across all aspects of IT from application to hardware. He is responsible for overseeing all Information technology operations and the implementation of new IT systems and policies.


Ugo Ruiz

Sound Supervisor

Ugo is our brilliant French sound supervisor, joining Celebro in 2015.
He knows everything about the sound magic happening in our facilities. he also is a very well know and respected artist and a respectable chef.

Alexandra Agoshkova

Production Assistant

Originally from St. Petersburg, Alexandra joined Celebro Media not long after its launch. Starting off as a Studio intern and gaining multidisciplinary experience in various sectors of TV, there’s nothing that she can’t handle. The word “impossible” will not be in her dictionary. She also works as an independent film director and wanders around feature film sets in her spare time and could talk about politics (and unicorns) all day long.